Traitor’s Curse (The Traitor’s Legacy Series Book 3)


Delirious with fever, Hettie Fairfax stumbles into a graveyard with one thing on her mind: she must tell Captain Stuart Monroe that the treasure he seeks is cursed! At first glance, Stuart can hardly recognize his sister’s old friend, but sensing she is at death's door he vows to see to her recovery. Yet how can he believe a sick and hallucinating girl’s claims about seeing his dead father, or his ominous message to steer clear of the riches that will solve his financial woes? But as their romance grows, Stuart finds himself believing in Hettie’s ability and her assurance that all will be righted. But can he reassure her that her peculiar abilities won’t compromise their love?  


Multiple facets of readers will take delight within the pages of this latest installment, as the author exemplifies her love for colonial history and accuracies. While one may pursue this novel as a standalone read, many will find themselves intrigued with the secondary characters. Readers will also find that Ms. Trissel demonstrates a much sought-after gift for descriptiveness, similar to that of classic novels. Although in contrast, given the propriety of the era, some may take issue with the legitimacy of an unchaperoned single woman convalescing in a bachelor’s home for weeks on end. However, readers will find that this unique situation aides in building upon the characters prior relationship while simultaneously fueling their romantic pursuits. A wonderfully spun novel that will keep a reader engaged till the end.


Stephanie Lodes