Trail of Passion (Hot on the Trail, #7)


As they’re traveling on the Oregon Trail, Lucy Haskell meets Dr. Gideon Faraday and there is an immediate connection between them. Lucy is more than happy to share stories with her traveling companion and talk his ears off. Gideon doesn’t want to fall in love but he can’t help but fall for the daring and bubbly Lucy. When they are thrust into a battle that could end Gideon’s life, Lucy will have to put her fondness for danger to good use to save the man she loves. 

As historical romances go, “Trail of Passion” ranks with the ones at the top. Well written and with excellent character development, the plot keeps the story moving at a brisk pace and falling in love with the two main characters is inevitable. There is suspense as the question of whether or not the story will have a happy ending. For a historical romance, this book has some seriously steamy scenes which are descriptive and well written; Gideon is quite the sexy man and one that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Lucy is a likable character with an unforgettable personality - the classic little sister, always pestering her siblings but adored by them nonetheless. This book has everything a historical romance should have and more. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick