Trail of Longing


Emma Sutton suffers from crippling shyness; she has never even had the courage to as much as talk with a man.  That problem is never more evident than when the secret love of her life finally approaches her on the long wagon train heading west.  Dr. Dean Meyers is all she has ever dreamt of in a man but can she overcome her terror to allow him to see the beauty that lies inside?


Dean Meyers noticed pretty Emma from the very start of the journey.  Her sweet nature and kindness with the children of the train touches him deeply and solidifies his determination to win her, in spite of her hesitancy.  That is, until an old nemesis from his past comes back to destroy his life.   As Dean’s feelings for Emma deepen, he finds he must determine just how much he is willing to endure to win the ladies heart.


This fun and involving story will both delight and infuriate all at the same time!   As the twists and turns mount, the reader will want to shake Emma for her constant inability to stand up for herself - even at the expense of the man she loves, while simultaneously empathizing with her predicament.  The last plot twist is a bit far-fetched, as are the “benefits” of a long engagement in a wagon train without being married in that era.  Still, the writing is so smooth and the story so captivating that the reader won’t be able to put it down.  Beware, this is a definitely a one sitting read!


Ruth Lynn Ritter