Trail of Kisses (Hot on the Trail #1)


Soon after Judge Thomas Tremaine passes down a hanging sentence for the notorious gang of brothers known as the Briscoe boys, his family's safety is threatened. He sends his daughter, Lynne, to stay with kin in Denver City against her wishes and Cade Lawson is hired as her bodyguard for their journey.  This proves to be not only a challenge physically but mentally. Lynne is a difficult woman to watch over!  The biggest challenge proves to be controlling his own heart when he starts to fall in love with her. Can Cade control his heart long enough to see her safe and can he hope to secure her love once he does?


Lynne's fiery temperament is established early in the story, promising a wild ride during this journey from Missouri to Colorado. Her stubbornness, however, becomes both her appeal and downfall. She is a strong heroine, which carries a great deal of appeal, yet at times she allows her judgment to sway, causing the reader's opinion of her to slightly sway as well. Once things heat up between Cade and Lynne it becomes a tempting romance enticing the reader to read further. Whatever Lynne's short comings are, Cade makes up for with his readiness and protective manner when danger lurks around every corner. Cade's honesty about his own feelings of falling in love is a wonderful feature. Moments of real sincerity, adventure and steamy romance will have any historical reader hooked!


Margaret Faria