Trail of Dreams (Hot on the Trail #4)


Katie Boyle is determined to not allow Aiden Murphy, or any other man for that matter, stand in the way of her seeking some adventure before she settles down. Aiden, however, is just as determined to win her hand and heart with patience, kindness and a fierce loyalty. Both of them are put to the test when on their journey through Nebraska Territory she is kidnapped by a Cheyenne brave, who wants her as revenge for the murder of his wife. Aiden must rescue and convince her that his love is true or he will die trying to prove it.


Katie and Aiden are a delightful couple playing an amusing teasing game which eventually blossoms into a loving and praiseworthy romance. Aiden is absolutely adorable! Witty, charming and patient, he not only stays constant to Katie, but will stay constant in the reader's mind as well. Katie is stubborn to a fault; and although is enormously appealing can be a let down on occasion. Living amongst the Cheyenne is interesting, if a bit predictable, with new and fascinating characters and events that keep the excitement and emotion high. A wagon full of adventure and love in this western historical series, which keeps turning out sequels to keep one hooked!


Margaret Faria