A Trace of Roses (The Daring Dersinghams Book 3)


Lady Dorcas is one of the Dersingham triplets. Each of them has a passion that sets them apart. Dorcas is determined to be the first to breed a yellow rose. Grant, Duke of Blackridge, has courted her and soon the proposal comes. However, after he is attacked on his ship, he cannot recall proposing to Dorcas. Meanwhile, Grant’s mother makes sure that the proposal is definitely off. Dorcas retreats to her family’s home and puts her focus back onto her roses. Grant finds his way back to Dorcas but after someone destroys her work, it is clear that someone is after them. If they survive, will it be possible for them to follow their dreams and be together?

Passion, betrayal, and a love that is determined to survive — this historical fiction has it all! This story has a Victorian flair but centers around the characters and does not focus much on historical detail. The characters are absolutely divine! Dorcas’ passion may be roses, but she is not delicate like one. She is very determined; she will not let her studies come last after she marries. Grant has the best character development! He starts out believing he knows what he wants in a wife, but eventually comes to terms with supporting and encouraging Dorcas every step of the way. Together they are magical! Even though this book is a part of a series, it can be read as a standalone novel. This book will leave readers immediately wanting to get their hands on the other books in the series!

Amanda Hupe