The Touch of a Storme (The Storme Brothers Book 5)


Always on the search for just the right amount of scandal, Lady Isobel Storme despises everything to do with the ton and their suffocating rules. With her mother on death’s doorstep, Isobel knows that change is going to happen soon and she is not looking forward to it. Set on having fun before she must submit to the mourning period, Isobel seeks and sets her eyes on a certain doctor to have a tryst with. Doctor Royce Marsden has made a name for himself in town helping wounded vets recover. With the weight of becoming an earl in the near-future, Royce finds himself engulfed in a steamy affair with Isobel with excitement bursting in every encounter. With responsibilities looming overhead for both of them, Isobel and Royce must learn to let go or weather the Stormes together.

The strong characters portrayed in this story are well-developed and entertaining. Royce is a lovely character who struggles to find balance in his life between what his heart wants and what his namesake demands. Isobel, on the other hand, is a character who does not seem to act her age in any manner. Often acting like a child, Isobel demands what she wants and doesn’t seem to consider or even care how her actions affect others which makes it hard to connect or even like her. She is willing to cause scandal on a whim just to see what happens. The undeniable fire between them allows the reader to understand just why they keep getting pulled toward each other. Overall, this book is a whirlwind of a storm worth picking up.

Marie Sanderson