A Touch of Destiny

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Beatrice Gaitland's life hasn’t gone as planned. Defying her family by marrying a charming pastor (a mistake), leaving everything she knows behind and following the said pastor (not a great decision), suffering through years of marriage (that were not pleasant at all), and finally becoming a widow at a young age (actually, one of the better things that happened to her) - nobody could say her life is boring. Now that she is free, things should get better, right? Not really. First there is her bothersome brother-in-law who can't seem to take no for an answer. Then there's Luke, a young man she can't help but be charmed by. For his part, Luke is finding the widow impossible to resist. They just might find happiness together, if only fate would prove kind to them.

While the plot in this story is not unusual, it is still able to grab the attention of the reader. Luke is an intriguing hero whose charms are easy to understand. Beatrice is a sensible woman who deserves the chance to simply let go and enjoy herself. The problem lies with the fact that sometimes characters’ behaviors are too naive, making them hard to believe.  The resolutions also wrap up way too neatly. There are some side characters that are intriguing, like young Ginny, whose fate the reader can't help but be interested in. All in all, it's a simple, sweet read, a charming story set in the Wild, Wild West.


Ana Smith