Tomboy of the Ton (Misfits of the Ton Book 1)


Henrietta is a tomboy. She enjoys freedom, climbing trees, and antagonizing her neighbor, Giles Thorpe, an Earl. Henrietta befriends Giles’s mother, Lady Thorpe, but that becomes the downfall of her freedom. Once she is found out, she is sent to live with her aunt to prepare her for the season. She and Giles have a love-hate relationship which is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, where Giles blames her at every turn for every mishap. Henrietta befriends Giles cousin, Beatrice, who admires her adventurous spirit; however, things get even rockier for Henrietta and Giles when Beatrice elopes. Henrietta risks it all, and steps in to save Beatrice’s reputation - at the cost of her own. Can there be a happy ending for Henrietta, or will her decisions cost her dearly?

This is the type of book to make one laugh and cry at the same time. Henrietta, as a tree climbing tomboy is relatable on every level, and her friendships are incredible. While set in the 1800’s, some of the language didn’t seem appropriate for the time period, and when Henrietta put aside all the bullying and torment from Giles to love him instead seems impossible when he barely makes any effort to gain her trust. There’s a nice twist when Henrietta and Giles break up, seeming realistic and true to real life. Henrietta saved Beatrice and Lady Thorpe at every turn, and Giles redeems himself some when he’s able to truly see her virtue, honor and courage. Overall, “Tomboy of the Ton” is an entertaining tale for readers who enjoy enemies-to-lovers tales.

Amy Rubottom