A Timely Romance


Dressed in a historically accurate medieval costume, a young widow visits a modern-day town that reenacts the days of medieval England. Rebecca and her husband, Alexander, had been married at a medieval reenactment site like this back home, and they’d been planning to renew their vows at this place. During a sudden thunderstorm, Rebecca takes shelter in the town’s cathedral. She picks up a piece of music and begins to sing the haunting lyrics that seem to mirror her own pain. She opens the door to leave and faces a young knight named Sir Goodwin that could be her dead husband’s twin. Eventually, she realizes she’s been transported into the past--stranded, with no way to take care of herself. Fortunately, Sir Goodwin and his friend, Lord Merriman, vow to protect and keep her.


This is a wholesomely charming, heart-warming romance fit for ages ten to one hundred! It’s a quick read, and blossoms with the richness of how someone’s faith in God can be tested and renewed in the most unlikely ways. The locale of the “town” Rebecca journeys to remains somewhat of a mystery. Sir Goodwin speaks in Middle English, so one can assume it was somewhere in England during the Norman invasion. Specifics would have been better, as would more appropriate speech patterns, references, and behavior by the female protagonist. Not particularly unique for time-travel fantasy, but even so, this was a sweet, interesting and enjoyable read.

Lori Leger