Reviews - Historical

The Devil of Dunmoor

Ethan Standish, the eccentric fourth Duke of Dunmoor, believes he needs nothing more than medical books and his friend, William. One blustery day, Mrs. Catherine Kirkcaldy arrives on his doorstep. His once-friend but now bitter enemy, Earl MacLendon, is dead and Ethan is the guardian of his children and she is their governess.

WESTERN:  Violet Webster is on a mission to find her California gold miner father to save her sisters from a forced marriage. Left broke and penniless by their gambling uncle, the only way she can get to California is to travel as a mail-order bride. Her betrothed is the richest man in the California territory, Earl Sutherlin, a man more than twice her age. The kicker?

The Captain’s Daughter

At the tender age of thirteen, Janey, the daughter of a wealthy merchant captain, found herself in a perilous position when both her parents died. To survive, she entered the maze of housekeepers and lords. As an adult now, she holds the position of lady’s maid. She is fond of her position but finds herself falling for the son of the lord and lady.

Tempting the Scoundrel

After years spent watching her mother love a scoundrel, coupled with a spinster aunt who always spoke ill of marriage, Miss Sophia Markham has been warned enough against love.

TIME-SLIP:  Elodie and Alex were childhood best friends, though at opposite ends of the aristocratic ladder. Alex was the heir, now the Earl, and Elodie’s parents were the help. She’s back home after being in London for a decade, wounded from a bad marriage, but loving getting back to her roots in Hartsford.