Reviews - Historical

My Lady Zane

BIOGRAPHY:  Sergeant Leah Sullivan is currently serving in Iraq and is determined protect her country. During this tour, she receives letters from her grandmother. These letters tell the tale of Elizabeth Betty Zane. The book then dives in to tell the stories of both these brave women, one modern, one historical. Betty lives on the frontier with her family during the American Revolution.

The Promise of Tomorrow

Charlotte and her sister Hannah are on the run from the evil McBride, who took over as their guardian after their parents and grandparents died. As fate would have it, they come across a shop in Yorkshire, owned by a man named Stan and his wife Bessie. The couple takes them in as though they were own children. However, evil does not stop. McBride hunts down Charlotte and begins stalking her.

Theadosia is the daughter of a vicar, and since her eldest sister ran off with a man, she feels as if she lives in a cage. When the man that she has loved for years comes back, she knows she cannot have him but also cannot resist him. Victor, the Duke of Sutcliffe, returns home to marry because of obligations to maintain his inheritance.

The Queen’s Ball: Timeless Victorian Collection
Anthea Lawson, Rebecca Connolly,
Jennifer Moore

Since her father’s passing, Ellie has been under the thumb of her cruel stepmother, treated worse than a servant. Getting a surprise caller awakens a knowledge of love and the courage to stand on her own two feet and face the future head on.

Both Rose’s father and older brother have passed away, leaving her, her mother, and her younger brother to find their own way to Charles Town from Port Royal. Running out of options, fate smiles on them when Rose’s trunk is stolen. In her effort to retrieve her property, she stumbles across Captain Reyson.