Timeless Regency Collection: A Seaside Summer

Josi S. Kilpack, Martha Keyes,
Heather B. Moore

In this novella set of three stories, we begin with “The New Countess” in which a vacation to the seaside turns upside down for Diane and her children when her husband, surprises her with a visit. Stumbling through a new marriage arranged out of convenience, both Diane and Michael must figure out their relationship outside expectations and explore new possibilities. In “Mishaps and Memories” Judith Jardine’s one chance at a brilliant match is destroyed when James Carlisle mocks her name in a fit of pique. When he is later found unconscious and with no memory of his identity, Judith can’t help her impulse to teach him a lesson. But James is more than their first acquaintance and even the most strained feelings can soften over time. Finally, in “Moonlight Summer” Oscar Rosewell has lived on the fringes of society ever since his parent’s death. Preferring to focus on his business interests, he never expects rescuing a hat will wake his heart. Miss Dorothea Atkinson is feeling unwanted by her new stepfamily and worries that an arranged marriage might soon override her own desires. Meeting Mr. Rosewell soon has her wishing for something else, but to be together Oscar will have to face the past and society first.

An exceedingly sweet book, each of the three novellas speak to lovers of Regency romance. The first story in particular would benefit from being a full novel only because the story of a pair falling in love after an arranged marriage and children is so engrossing it is a shame to end it. The following two novellas equally present adorable romances with the characters growing a little and stepping out of their comfort zones. Although all three stories have predictable endings, the journey to the end is well worth taking. 

Sarah Bradley