The Time Traveler’s Christmas (Guardian of Scotland #3)


TIME TRAVEL:  Devastated to discover that his wife has had an affair and is filing for divorce, karate champion Lachlan Wallace is not expecting to have an enjoyable Christmas.  He agrees to look after his Uncle Walter’s cat and finds that Walter has left him a gift – a bronze medallion.  He falls asleep wearing it and wakes up to find himself in what he believes to be the middle of a medieval battle reenactment.


Lady Christina de Moray is anxiously awaiting the return of her son in a prisoner exchange from the English when the villainous enemy launches a full-scale battle.  Unseated from her horse by a soldier intent on doing her harm, Christina is rescued by a strange and handsome knight named Sir Lachlan.


Lovers of time travel and Scottish history alike will be drawn in by this interesting tale set at a significant time in Scotland’s past.  Unlike many in this genre, Amy Jarecki has created a convincing method of time travel and uses it to bring together a good mix of real and fictional characters.  One can’t help falling in love with both Christina and Lachlan and enjoy watching them as they learn to blend the modern and historical together.  Occasional anachronistic slips in American vocabulary, forms of address and the odd incorrect fact occur, but they don't detract much from the enjoyment of the story.  Seeing Lachlan, Christina and her son Andrew travel to their happy ending is certainly a worthwhile read!


Heather Belleguelle