A Time of End (The Executioner Knights Book 4)

Le Veque

At only eighteen, Lady Christin de Lohr is already a respected spy among Willam Marsh's recruits. When a plot against Prince John is discovered, Lady Christin accompanies her brother and several knights to discover what is afoot. Battle-scarred and nearly twice her age, Executioner Knight Alexander de Sherrington isn't sure what to make of Lady Christin, but it isn't long before she is burrowing her way into his heart. Unfortunately, Prince John has plans for Lady Christin. Marrying her off to a man of his choice would bring Lady Christin's powerful father to heel. When Lady Christin and Sherry learn of the plans, they attempt to thwart them, only for Lady Christin to be kidnapped! It is a race against time to save Lady Christin, but Sherry will do whatever it takes for the woman who has claimed his heart and his soul!

Kathryn La Veque offers up an outstanding medieval tale filled with intrigue, suspense and romance! This is the fourth book in the Executioner Knight series. It may take readers a little time to gain their footing at the start of the story, as there are a number of characters and relationships to sort. After that, the story takes off and it does not disappoint. The dinner scene with Prince John is laugh-out-loud funny. Ms. La Veque expertly weaves in emotional layers and constantly raises the stakes so that readers are hooked from start to finish. Sean de Lara’s character, in particular, perfectly demonstrates the delicate intrigue of the period. "A Time of End" is an exciting page-turner that will have readers demanding the next volume in this gripping series!

Tricia Hill