Tides of Desire: A Christmas Romance (Garrett Brothers Book 3)


Caleb Garrett has injured his shoulder, and it needs stitches. He can either go to the doctor he cannot stand or try his luck with the new doctor, Macy Dallas.  Caleb isn’t that impressed with Macy’s house, but as she sutures his arm, he can’t help but be intrigued by her. Macy explains how she ended up in the tiny town and is just waiting for an internship at a hospital. Caleb slowly opens up to Macy and soon realizes that he is strongly attracted to her. As Caleb and Macy spend time together, a relationship that should never have happened blossoms. When Macy finally gets the chance to work in a hospital in another place, will she give up everything for love?

This is a wonderful little historical Christmas romance putting the reader in the holiday spirit! In the beginning, the story is awkward and jumps around, but eventually it straightens out. The main plot manages to stay on task even with so many things happening.  The characters, despite their witty banter, have a history which is a mystery. Plus, there is much confusion about the past so it might be advisable to read the previous books in the series. Caleb, the stoic sarcastic hero, seems overbearing, but in truth is quite sensitive and caring. Even though Caleb and Macy are intellectually compatible, he just won’t see it, which gets a little annoying. Macy, the sensible compassionate woman, is a delightful heroine, managing to have the wide-eyed enthusiasm, curiosity and determination of a woman doctor.  The book definitely will brighten and bring joy to any Scrooge!

Roslynn Ernst