Reviews - Historical

Rook, Reed, and Rowen, triplet bastards of the English King Edward, are sworn to bring vengeance upon him by posing as the Demon Thief.  The three are now down a brother as Rowen has married a

Theophilius Pennington, Viscount of Saybrook, is charming and boyishly irresponsible.  Unfortunately, this very irresponsibility has caught up to him as he struggles to find the money

Mary finds herself in a predicament when Samuel, the man she loves, leaves her single and pregnant. Benjamin, who is shunned by the people of St.

Bridget Perkins and her sisters are pariahs in their small town in 19th

Finn Sutherland is a Highlander, true to his country and his King. When an Englishman comes a-calling, he questions his King’s decisions but stands true to his duty and obeys the orders he has been given. Finn will act as bodyguard to English lass Lady Rosamond Beaumore, until she is wed to her betrothed in an alliance arranged by the King to benefit His country.