Reviews - Historical

When her husband takes his physical abuse a step too far, Judith Harper is left in a coma. Returned to her family home to live out her final days, she spends four months in an unconscious state. The intervention of surgeon Lord Farringdon saves Judith’s life.

Christopher Anglesey is determined not to let the fact he is Marquess of Banbury get in the way of his duty to the crown. He attends all the events of society but has managed to keep the marriage minded mothers and daughters at bay. Lady Diana Lawrence lost her sight in a carriage accident and has come to the conclusion that she will never be found desirable by any man.

There is a rift between the Storme cousins ever since their uncles, the seventh Earl of Hadleigh and his brother had a falling out. The cousins never know what happened, but Andrew Storme, the eighth Earl of Hadleigh, is determined to heal the rift and make the Storme family whole again by having a Christmastide house party.

Devere is going on his wedding trip, but does not want to bring his maiden sister with him, so he enlists his best friend, Alex Muir, Lord Rockingham to watch over Harriet. It seems like an easy task. Alex will check on “Bitsy” his name for her, daily. But that is not to be.

Ostracized from his family because of a fatal occurrence, young Finch is sent to Turner Academy, a school for troubled youth. He is in a room with four other boys, who are wrongly accused of atrocities, and Turner is their punishment. Calling themselves the Turner Terrors, they bond for life. Now four terrors are Dukes and Finch is a vicar. Finch passionately enjoys his work.