The Three Widows of Wylder (The Wylder West)


WESTERN: Clara Walker only wanted a divorce but what she got was a dead husband and the threat of a noose around her neck. Mary Rose Culver wanted her husband dead so she could collect the inheritance but what she got was a messy murder and a hysterical accomplice. Emma Bailey wanted to run away from her past and create a future with her stolen thoroughbred horses clear on the other side of the country. The three women decide to seek refuge with Clara's brother in Wylder, Wyoming. When Clara is recognized from the wanted poster in the post office, she is sent back to Missouri to face the consequences. Mary Rose and Emma part ways soon after Clara leaves to find their futures. Mary Rose with Clara's brother and a new baby and Emma in Oregon with her horses. Will their pasts reach out and crush the futures they're trying to build?

If readers are looking for a character-driven book, this is the one! The author dives deep into the three widows - what makes them tick, what's in their heart, even what they think of each other and those around them. This story revolves around these characters, the plot consisting only of their travel by horse and wagon to Wylder. Readers who are looking for a plot-driven book may be disappointed as they'll be turning each page hoping it brings them to the point. The author did an amazing job describing the scenery of the old west, along with a glimpse of "city" life. The secondary and tertiary characters added a flavor to the story that helped the readers connect even more with the widows.

Heather McCoubrey