Three Sisters


Set in 19th C. America with an interestingly complex plot line, this story is a fresh approach to Western romance. “Three Sisters” follows the tale of three young women who, starting out in Texas, are on a quest to find one man—although who is he, and why they are so desperate to find him, remains a mystery until well into the story. In the meantime, they are all being pursued by different men for a very obvious reason: love interest. Ginger (or Bea, depending on the scene) is tracked by Marshal Devlin. Andy is pursued by Walker, and Trudy by Preston. Adding to the intrigue, the girls go by different names. We find out in time they are all family, with the eldest (Bea/Ginger) doing her best to keep track of, and take care of, her younger twin sisters.

Pacing in this book is as fast as a skilled cowboy’s draw of his gun. The rapid scene changes and alternating names, however, produce confusion early on for the reader. Intrigue, i.e., “what the heck is going on?” keeps the reader flipping pages. The story’s other shortcoming is that even as the puzzle pieces are revealed, one realizes that we never really get to know any one character deeper than surface level. Although the setting and action descriptions are vivid, characterization is weak. The reader is kept at arm’s length from emotionally investing in these women. The questions hovering over their lives, however, as well as no shortage of action, draw us through this fast-paced and refreshingly original flavor of romance set in the American Old West.

FS Brown