Three Abductions and an Earl (Parvenues & Paramours #1)


REGENCY:  Nouveau riche Miss Lydia Norwood is not at all the “thing”, according to the London ton. Good thing for Lydia that she cares neither for them nor for their stuffy rules. She prefers climbing trees and reading books to tea parties and senseless banter. When she first meets the Earl of Aldey, in a garden when she saves him from a plotting miss, he is enraptured by her wild red hair and even wilder ways. He wants her for his wife. She wants her freedom, even if he is as handsome as a man can be. All rules go out the window once the earl sets his sights on this charming society outcast. However, Lydia has more than one secret, and those may change everything.

Along with well-developed characters and an energetic storyline, readers will love the wit, romance, banter, and steam that ensue.  The author expertly juggles many points of view, which allows the reader to better understand each character's motive, while often leaving them in fits of laughter. Though some areas of dialogue could have been edited for content to keep the story moving, and a few situations seemed frustratingly fraught with miscommunication, overall the story is highly entertaining and light-hearted, yet laced with mischief, intrigue, and characters that did what they wanted without recourse. Readers who love regency romance brimming with wit and a touch of unexpected twists, will not be disappointed.

Dahlia Gosney