Thorncroft Manor (Romance with a Kiss of Suspense Novella)


Caroline Woodard traveled to the quiet, forsaken coast of Cornwall to attend her cousin at her wedding. Georgina has found true love and happiness, an ideal that Caroline herself can only dream.  Her finicky requirements have so far left her close to becoming a spinster. 


Bramwell Croft has shut himself off from the world after losing his beloved Rebecca, allowing few access to his life. His best friend Darby requested he act as best man at his wedding, and he begrudgingly agrees. He finds himself most intrigued by the dynamite fuse that is Caroline. A sharp tongue and prickly attitude are the only things marring her simple beauty. 


There is but one flaw in this otherwise perfect romance - not enough story! The characters and plot beg to be fleshed out and built into more than a novella. Caroline is everything a woman of the era shouldn’t be, and Bramwell is everything a lady dreams of, under his gruff exterior. A spotlight should also be placed on the supporting cast of servants in Thorncroft Manor, as they play a pivotal role in the tale being told. The plot is beautifully thought out, but rushed at moments that deserve more attention. Love should never be rushed, and unfortunately this is pushed a tad too quickly. A highlight of the tale is the setting: dismal and rainy, it becomes a beautiful place to Caroline and the readers. Again, the simple request would be more please, more Caroline and Bramwell!


Penelope Anne Bartotto