Reviews - Historical

Bridget Perkins and her sisters are pariahs in their small town in 19th

Finn Sutherland is a Highlander, true to his country and his King. When an Englishman comes a-calling, he questions his King’s decisions but stands true to his duty and obeys the orders he has been given. Finn will act as bodyguard to English lass Lady Rosamond Beaumore, until she is wed to her betrothed in an alliance arranged by the King to benefit His country. 

Mine, Forever and Always
Tammy L.

REGENCY:  Lily Scott has been in love with her best friend’s brother Henry Dalton since she married him in a fake wedding ceremony put on by his sister.

Gray Places

Katherine Gilbert is determined to fulfill her father’s last request and finish his book on architecture, specifically the sections on Wainforth Manor.

Isolation caused by circumstance is a fact of life for children growing up on a ranch, but when Ray MacAdams arrives on the Ducharme ranch she becomes Billy Ducharme’s best friend for life.  After years o