A Thimbleful of Honor (The Macpherson Series)

Linda Lee

The 1745 Jacobite Rebellion determined the fate of two cousins who were also very close friends, Wylie and George, of the Macpherson family. Henry Macpherson, George’s father, and William Macpherson, Wylie’s father, were lairds in the Scottish Highlands. In the aftermath of the rebellion, Henry and William were forced to make a major decision to save the lives of Wylie and George, which saw Wylie leave Scotland for France at the tender age of fifteen. George remained in Scotland. Feeling abandoned and betrayed by his best friend, Wylie lived in France for twenty-five years until his father offered to shelter his two sons, Will and Dougal, in his home in Scotland. Wylie, Will, and Dougal travel to Glencorach, his father’s estate, only to find that his father had passed a fortnight ago. As an only son, he is the sole heir of Glencorach. Can he let go of the past? 

The reader gets to learn more about the history of Scotland while enjoying a mild dose of romance. One cannot help but applaud the author for the masterful creation of scenes that send the reader to the culture and tradition of Scots during that period. What they wore, ate, traded, and valued comes to life in this novel. While most of the characters are well developed and the storyline is both enticing and spicy, the reader may feel that the relationship between Anna, George’s friend, and Wylie took off in an odd manner. The reader will enjoy how the author highlights the features of the Scottish Highlands that give a vivid picture of the environment in which the main characters lived making the novel very delightful. 

JM Lareen