The Thief's Daughter


Jenna reluctantly enters the smuggling trade when her brother needs help paying his creditors. She has always tried her best to be as good as she can be, but she finds herself in hot water. Jack Penhale's father was murdered by a smuggling gang and he has been hunting for revenge. He meets Jenna and there's an attraction. As they fight for their lives, Jenna doesn't know who she can trust and there is danger coming at them from every direction. Will they get through the danger and be able to give into their feelings for one another?


"The Thief's Daughter" is a good old-fashioned romance with a strong female character trying her best to be good. Victoria Cornwall has done her research on Cornwall, England, as the descriptions are excellent and the reader can close their eyes and see it all. There is a good amount of action in the book, with Jack as the alpha male hero looking to avenge his father's death. The pace is even at first and picks up once the action starts. Jenna and Jack's relationship is filled with danger and passion; their stolen moments together are hot and heavy.  A rip-roaring adventure for historical romance fans!


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick