The Thief’s Countess: Border Series Book 1


Sir Geoffrey lost nearly everything when the Scottish raided his home.  He is determined to reclaim his birthright and avenge his family.  He doesn’t have time to attend to a spoiled royal, but his uncle’s honor is on the line, and despite being forced into thievery to survive they are a family true to their word.  Geoffrey soon learns that Countess Sara is quite unlike any woman he’s ever met and the two quickly fall in love.  However, Sara is betrothed to another and will have to choose between propriety and love. Geoffrey will have to choose as well — between love and reclaiming what he has lost.

This is a strong character-driven story, with a spunky female ‘princess’ and an equally hunky alpha male ‘prince’.  Geoffrey and Sara’s relationship develop organically and Ms. Mecca does a fantastic job of writing hot and steamy sex scenes that leave the reader clamoring for more. Although the story is well paced, there’s an over-use of thematic literary tropes: from the poor underprivileged man falling for the ‘just out of reach’ high born lady, to villainous monologues right before said villain meets his demise - just to name a few.  Also, the obvious fact that Sara and Geoffrey can’t be together is overly reiterated and becomes cumbersome.  If readers are okay with the plot being a bit cliché and prefer a medieval romance that focuses more on well-paced love story featuring unbelievably hot sex scenes, this might just hit the spot!          

MB Rose