The Texas Ranger and the Professor


Texas Ranger Benjamin Edwards has been given one last assignment before retiring. He is to accompany Professor Jessie Reeves out in the field so Jessie can study the flora and fauna of Texas. No one is more surprised than Edwards upon learning Jessie Reeves is a woman! He resigns himself to the idea he will be babysitting Jessie as she gathers her data, but he finds she is quite proficient out in the wilds. She proves herself to be an excellent cook as well as a brilliant artist as she draws everything she sees. She is witty and beautiful and Edwards agrees to share a two man tent with her when she says they need to in order to keep warm. Edwards admits to having lascivious thoughts which he keeps to himself. Life is good until the Comanche raid their little camp and take them captive.

“The Texas Ranger and the Professor” is an enchanting story told against the mesmerizing backdrop of historical Texas. One can almost smell the dust and feel the grit in their eyes as the arid desert is so aptly described by Ms. Payne. Both Ranger Edwards and Jessie Reeves are interesting but flawed characters who play well off one another. However, Jessie begins to devolve in the middle of the story and is difficult to relate to. Portions of the story get bogged down with too much detail and repetition of mundane daily activities. The dialogue between Ben and Jessie becomes stilted interfering with the otherwise even flow of the piece. Nevertheless, this is a captivating love story that will grab every Texan’s heart!

Belinda Wilson