Temptation on the Alpine Express

Kirsten S.

Gertrude is full of secrets, especially the ones from her past. However, she accumulates even more secrets being a lady’s maid for Countess von Bruenner. The Countess’ family is part of Russian royalty and tensions are high in Russia. The Countess has a very stoic and handsome guard named Nikoli who takes his job very seriously as he was trained by the best in Russia. When a picture is delivered with a threatening message, Nikoli makes a plan to protect the Countess, and Gertrude finds herself with the infuriating man on the Alpine Express. Despite the plan, danger finds Nikoli and Gertrude, and secrets are exposed, as well Nikoli and Gertrude’s true feelings for one another. But will the secrets of their pasts threaten to keep them apart?

Everyone loves a good enemies-to-lovers tale, and this book channels the trope perfectly! One of the things that really draws the reader in are the hints of political upheaval in Russia. They feel very true to history as the royals are sensing change is coming. Nikoli is brooding and strong. The only thing that is quite annoying is how many times he threatens to put Gertrude over his knee and spank her. It belittles her; and it is hard to see the charm in that. Gertrude’s emotions are guarded and for good reason, but it is wonderful to see her blossom. A good amount of suspense keeps the pace moving along, and some familiar characters from the previous book keep things lively. Overall, this book is delightfully entertaining from beginning to end.

Amanda Hupe