Tempest Heart (Hearts of the Highland Book 5)


Lady Rose Callanagh has spent the last six years in hiding after a failed attempt on her life left a serving girl burned to death along with Rose’s mother.  The attempt led her father to let people believe Rose had indeed died. When she finally convinces him to let her travel north to spend the winter with family, little does she know how one crazy moment will change her life forever. Tristan Macpherson is a killer for hire. Tracking down those who have escaped traditional justice, he works alone, and he likes it that way. When fate has him saving Rose for reasons even he can’t explain to himself, no one could have known his next target would be someone close to her.

Sheltered life isn’t unusual as an underlying theme in many historical tales, but the web spun in this story traps the reader in a marvelously unusual tale which clearly separates it from the rest of the pack! Murder, betrayal, and a surprising act of compassion make Rose and Tristan’s romance one readers will be rooting for, even as their destiny unfolds with a plethora of obstacles for them to overcome. The plot twists manage to keep unfolding right up until the end, in this fabulously well-paced read that provides what in hindsight would be the only acceptable ending when all is said and done. A brilliant addition to any romance lover’s bookshelf!

 Melanie Newton