The Taste of Love (Book of Love 3)


Lady Penelope Sherbourne has the Book of Love. She must go through the book in order to find a husband. She refuses to fall for the Laird of Caithness, Thaddius MacLauren, who is fiercely protective of her. She considers testing out the methods of the book on Thaddius in the hopes to land an Earl who lives nearby. What she doesn't expect is to develop feelings for Thaddius. Thaddius has adored Lady Penelope for years and wants one kiss from her. He has nothing but a small holding in Scotland and she is the daughter of an Earl. Could it be possible for them to be together? Or will Penelope end up with someone else?

An interesting plot concept combined with a little bit of cliché, but overall a great read. “A Taste of Love” has a loveable hero and a very indecisive heroine who really isn't sure what she wants when it comes to a man. The plot’s flow is quite unfocused in places which slows down the story. The dialogue between the two main characters is amusing and teasing, and the dialect seems well researched given the period in which the book is set. All in all, this is a good read when there are a few hours to kill with dynamic characters and descriptions that feel very true to the historical time. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick