Taming Lily (MacLeod’s of Skye Book 4)


VICTORIAN/ SCOTTISH:  Lady Lily MacLeod has run away to escape an unwanted marriage. When she sees a train, she hides herself in a room filled with boxes and crates. Unfortunately, Lily is found by two footmen and forcibly taken to face the imposing Duke of Aberdeen, Tobias Campbell. Tobias is sympathetic to Lily’s plight and decides to help her despite not totally trusting her. Tobias takes Lily to his home and attempts to figure out who she really is. When Tobias discovers Lily’s true background, he is angry at her deception but comes to admire and slowly fall for her. Lily’s brother takes her back, but Tobias wants Lily and will recapture her even though everything is against them. Lilly also has conniving plans and will find a way to be with Tobias, but getting him to agree is another matter entirely. 

This exciting romance is filled with action, suspense, betrayal and compelling characters all rolled into one! The story moves effortlessly and smoothly, giving evenness to the writing which just makes everything better. The plot points are resolved gradually, feeling natural and realistic. Lily, the strong-willed heroine, is so alluring and charming she is hard not to like. Tobias, the tough hero, exhibits some unsavory behaviors, but they are easily forgivable so he still manages to be a great guy anyway. The rest of the supporting cast of characters heightens the tale without being cumbersome. This is an exhilarating, fast-paced, intriguing Regency story that is great from beginning to end!

Roslynn Ernst