Taming Jenna


WESTERN:  Jenna Leigh-Whittington joined the Pinkerton Agency with one goal in mind:  find her deserting cheat of a father and make him pay.  If that means dressing as a boy, traveling west and hunting down the outlaw who will lead her to him, so be it.  She never anticipates, however, that the handsome man she thinks is the infamous outlaw is really Branch McCauley, the famous gunman who is chasing down the same man!  As things heat up and the race begins, Jenna must decide whether revenge is more important than love and at what cost will success exact on her heart.

For an old fashioned Western romp, this one is a doozy!  It hits the ground running when Jenna insists Branch drops his drawers and never slows down! Readers will love the headstrong Lizzie almost as much as the drop dead, sigh worthy, where can I find him, Branch!  Although the sex scenes are hot, the easy, nonchalant attitudes toward sex are uncomfortably anachronistic to the time period.  There is also a plethora of coincidences that push believability and Jenna’s refusal to say the much anticipated three words that Branch begs for, even as the last page closes, leaves the reader slightly disappointed.  Still, the joy of the ride overrules all and the fun in the journey is worth the effort!

Ruth Lynn Ritter