Taming a Duke’s Reckless Heart (Taming the Heart series: Book 1)


The former Lady Carolyn Vesser of Yorkshire married for love rather than money and moved to America where her husband died, leaving her and her beautiful nineteen year old daughter, Piper, with no means of income. Piper’s main concern is finding a husband who will care for her and her ailing mother. They leave Boston to attend the Season in New York with her titled cousin, but are immediately waylaid by thieves. Fortunately, the handsome Barrett Maddox, the Sixth Duke of Manchester, is in the area and rescues the women. Barrett, a man who prefers putting money into the family coffers over sitting on his laurels and spending it, forms a strong and mutual attachment to Piper. It’s too bad he’s engaged to another, and can’t let his family down…or can he? 


This is an entertaining mid-nineteenth century historical romance—a pleasant mixture of cozy storytelling that crosses into subtle sensuality. The attraction between Barrett and Piper is strong and nicely developed, even though the storyline is formulaic and common for this genre of historical romance. The book could use some editing, with missing words, typos, and a few instances of wrong word usage. It was refreshing to have a strong heroine, ultimately willing to give up everything for the man she loved - including her life, if necessary. The ending will leave you wanting to read more about these characters, as well as other supporting characters’ roles, and does a nice job of setting up book two.

Clarice Silvers