Tamed by the Lyon


Madeline Keyes is ready to marry. However, when her groom, Edmund, jilts her at the altar in favor of her younger sister, Caroline, leaving her marked with scandal, she is left in a desperate situation. Lord Oliver Easton has come unexpectedly into a title as the Earl of Foxmore, with estate taxes that may cause him to lose the estate if he doesn’t make an advantageous marriage, and soon. Oliver takes over his late brother’s application to Mrs. Dove-Lyon to find a bride with a hefty dowery. Together Madeline and Oliver might find love and not just a marriage of convenience. But Caroline is not done with her conniving ways and will stop at nothing to lay claim to a dowery that belongs to Madeline.

Madeline is a naïve but lovable and charming heroine. Even though Oliver as the second son never intended to marry but only to nurture his love of plants and his nursery, he desires to make his marriage a happy one. Madeline is equally up to the task of proving herself a suitable wife and companion. They have a chemistry from the start, and a sweet romance builds with each interaction. Oliver is fiercely protective of his new wife and gallantly champions her as they enter society as a couple. With neither party very experienced in relationships, they must navigate many misunderstandings as they build a life together. The innocent romance that grows between them keeps the pages turning and the heart aching to read more.

Cara Cieslak