To Tame a Wolfe: De Wolfe Pack Connected World


Caius and Kendall have been engaged to be married since they were children.  He is spoiled and selfish, and has a reputation as being a ladies’ man. He has broken many hearts.  She has grown into a beautiful spirited young woman who loves her family dearly.  His father advises De Wolfe that his betrothed is returning to Rule Water Castle with her family.  Kendall always wanted to marry Caius until he broke her heart when she witnessed a kiss between him and another woman.  When both meet again, Caius is completely surprised by her beauty and spirit, but does not understand her coldness towards him.  De Wolfe is smitten and will do anything to win her heart.

“To Tame a Wolfe” is an enjoyable historical romance set in a time when marriages were prearranged. Jennifer Siddoway creates a wonderful storyline with beautifully written main and secondary characters. The family dynamics and the relationship between Kendall and Caius are very convincing.  The adult children slowly get to know one another and develop feelings.  One will enjoy the bickering between the characters and will be laughing aloud at times.  The only issue the reader will notice is there are several typos but nothing that one cannot figure out.  For lovers of a good historical romance, with adventure and a hard-to-get heroine, “To Tame a Wolfe” is the right choice!

Victoria Zumbrum