To Tame the Wind (Agents of the Crown)


As the American Revolution encompasses the Americas, the brave men of England and France make their living on shipping and piracy.  When Privateer Simon Powell’s prized schooner is captured by Pirate Jean Donet of France, he brazenly kidnaps Donet’s daughter Claire in order to retrieve his ship and crew. Claire, who has been cloistered in a French convent, has no idea of her father’s piracy nor the battle that brews between him and Simon. However, Claire soon discovers that being held hostage by Simon isn’t the hardship one would think. Can Simon regain his ship before they both lose their hearts?

History abounds in this racy, nautical, Regency romance! Littered with reference to real and fictional characters, Regency aficionados will relish this installment in the “Agents of the Crown” series. Claire and Simon are extensively complex individuals who are polished in both their character and the depth of their beliefs during this bygone period.  The story flows with numerous references to well-researched historical events, but light editing is needed for some grammatical issues that do not detract from the overall effect of the work in its entirety.  “To Tame the Wind” is a satisfying happily-ever-after that all die-hard romantics can wrap their hearts around and wait not-so-patiently for the next installment!


Roberta Gordon