To Tame a Highland Earl (MacLean Highlander Novel Book 1)


Eve Crenshaw is determined to marry for love, even if it means concocting a devious plan to thwart Lord Errol Rushton, the man who compromised her beyond repair. However, Erroll Rushton, known as a rakehell and womanizer, did not intend to compromise Eve when he entered her bedchamber in the dead of night. He thought he was confronting the woman who had accused him unjustly, but in reality, he was accosting the wrong sister. Now they were being forced to marry. While fighting their impending nuptials, neither party counted on the sizzling attraction that was pulling them together.


This captivating historical romance, which takes place in the early 1800’s in England and Scotland, is a love story between two people who are adamantly against marrying each other. Although this is a premise for many historical romantic novels, the spunk of the heroine and the likeable character of the hero are alluring enough to draw the reader from the first page. The plot moves smoothly at a good pace with enough action interspersed with humor to keep the interest going. There are a couple of chaotic scenes that cause a little hiccup, but not enough to detract from the overall appeal of the story.


Filled with passion, witty dialogue, intrigue, and hot sexual encounters, this novel with its well-drawn characters takes the reader down a historical path through England and Scotland at a time when comportment was strict and couples eloped to Gretna Green.    

This enchanting love story touches the heart and is sure to please historical romance readers.


Janna Shay