Taken by Graeme (The Pirates of Barra: Highland Raiders)


Elspeth MacDougall is forced to work as a surgeon aboard a ship to work off her father's gambling debt. As she works to pay off the debt, she finds herself becoming close to the crew and even more so to Captain Graeme MacNeil. Captain MacNeil finds himself becoming attracted to the female surgeon he brought aboard his ship. She has a fiery spirit, and he can't help but want more. However, as they approach Barra, his homeland, he finds an old rival is waiting to strike. Despite their feelings, the question is what will happen when Elspeth's father’s debt is paid? Will she choose to return home or choose the Captain she has grown to love?

Couple highland romance with pirates and it's going to be fun. From the first line, “Taken By Graeme” transports the reader onto the open sea where a devilishly handsome Captain whisks a feisty woman away. The plot moves at a brisk pace, and because the book is short, it would be a good one-shot read. With Jennifer Siddoway's wonderful descriptions, it's surprising a heavy scent of sea air doesn’t waft from this book. And while the story of a woman being made to pay off another individual’s debt isn’t anything new, it doesn't take away from the unique setting on a ship. The tension between Elspeth and Graeme is thick from the moment they meet and sizzles throughout.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick