The Sword: A Time Travel Historical Romance (Guinevere Book 3)


Knowing the future does not mean there is anything to be done about it. No longer an ordinary librarian, Gwen Fry has been brought back to fifth century Britain by Merlin and has been living as Queen Guinevere for nearly three years. Gwen and King Arthur have managed to bridge their awkward divide to form a happy family in Din Cadan. But Arthur is Dux Britanniarum, the military defender of Britain, and his duties take him to far corners of the British kingdoms. Gwen learns to make sacrifices of her own, leaving their infant son in their defended castle, to join Arthur on his campaign north of Hadrian’s Wall, always wary of the whispers of history that may come to pass. She discovers why Arthur is never mentioned in the writings of his supposed contemporary, the venerated monk, Gildas; Morgana makes a bold move against Merlin; and The Sword is finally lifted from the stone.

“The Sword” is a love story that artfully blends imaginative archeology, captivating ancient history, and the tenderness that defines humanity through the ages. As Book 3 of the Guinevere Series, the previous two books are recommended for continuity. Now wiser to the stark realities of her chosen time, Gwen is prepared to pick up a sword of her own in defence of her allies. With steady inevitability, she grows into the Queen she needs to be, still seeing her world through the starry eyes of a modern history buff but slowly leaving twentieth century sensibilities behind. Details are so rich that one can imagine exactly what Gwen is feeling and thinking. Masterfully written! The series is to be continued.

Joan Lai