The Sweetest Kiss


Miss Judith Faraday has just discovered that, upon the recent death of her parents, she has been left a very large inheritance and is to be the ward of Isabelle, Dowager Duchess of Kenbridge. Distraught at this news, she flees her country home in hopes of finding Lieutenant Alex Cuttler of the Royal Navy, to whom she has been secretly engaged.  But, instead of her secret love, she finds Lord Trey Worthington, third son of the Dowger Duchess and a childhood acquaintance whom she loathed in youth as a tease and a bully. She divulges her plan and enlists his help in finding Alex.  In turn she agrees to fulfill the dying wishes of her parents.
 Trey, having given up the idea of one day falling in love with only one woman, divides his time among many. He does, however, discover that Judith is another kettle of fish all together and may just have gotten himself into more than he bargained for.
Judith's character is vivacious and feisty.  She doesn’t, however, seem be affected as much as one might expect by the loss of her parents.  Trey is also irresistible and although it is quite evident early on that the heroine will win his heart,  he embodies the rogue and gentleman extremely well, even though his procrastination leaves a bit of a sour note. Although the plot is a little predictable, the reader is lead on a path of discovery as the characters develop, and their past connections begin to merge with the unexpected situations that arise.  Overall, “The Sweetest Kiss” is an enjoyably entertaining tale of love and hope!  
Margaret Faria