Sweet Vengeance (The Duke of Rutland Series Book 1)

St. Michael

Lady Abigail Rutland has never worked a day in her life. She has everything she could ever want, but yearns for adventure. Little does she know that her life is about to change. At a party, Abigail is kidnapped and forced onto a ship. She wakes up and discovers her hair has been shaved and she is wearing men’s clothing. She must maintain the illusion that she is a cabin boy to avoid being discovered by the captain. Captain Jacob Thorne is a famous privateer who despises the nobility and is desperate to free his cousin from an English prison. However, when he discovers that his cabin boy is actually a lady, he realizes he could use her to his advantage to free his cousin. How will he trade her if he is falling in love with her?

Be prepared for adventure on the seas in this historical romance! War between England and the Colonies is escalating and major historical figures make an appearance. The details are accurate and captivating. There are times when the dialogue is a bit rough and seems very stiff. In addition, sometimes the way Abigail and Jacob interact with each other does not seem very realistic and often blown out of proportion. However, the whole cast of characters are witty and animated. Although serious themes, such as abuse and slavery, are discussed, there is also a hint of humor to lighten the mood. This charming love story will enrapture readers who enjoy history and adventure!

Amanda Hupe