Sweet Lenora (Dark Heroes Series)


Lenora Brewer is the only living child of a successful shipyard owner in Salem, Massachusetts. She is indulged, given free reign and even learns the business. But when her father is killed in an accident, her greedy relatives arrange her marriage to a wealthy widower who is rumored to have killed his first wife. Desperate to escape, Lenora stowaways on the ship her father named for her, The Sweet Lenora.

The last thing Captain Anton Boudreaux wanted was to worry about the safety of this girl. Now chased by her relatives and with Anton desperate to keep his secrets hidden it will take both Lenora and Anton to find courage to face the storms brewing on the high seas and maybe a bit of love to survive.


A short historical romance and a bit of excitement, "Sweet Lenora" is a nice read for a relaxing evening or subway commute. Both Lenora and Anton are fully fleshed characters with backgrounds and dimension despite the shortness of the tale. Lenora, while naïve, is a fighter and doesn’t just sit back and let others protect her. Anton is bold and daring while still being honorable and charming. Anton’s history is intriguing and fits well with the time period. While the basic story is not particularly original and there's nothing new and creative to make it stand out, the story is great for any lovers of historical romance who are just looking for a sweet tale.


Sarah E Bradley