Surrender the Wind

St. Michel

Catherine is a New York heiress, on the run from a street thug who hopes to raise himself up by forcing her into marriage. Posing as a school teacher is supposed to keep her safe, but when she stumbles upon a wounded Confederate soldier and nurses him back to health it jeopardizes her safety. Bullied by her Catholic priest uncle into marrying the soldier, she has no idea who she's legally bound to, yet still makes choices to keep him safe by putting herself in the middle of things. John Rourke is a well-known Confederate General who wants nothing more than to get back to the war and keep his men protected. A wife was never a part of his plans.


With twists and turns that include New York's Irish gangs, soldiers from both sides, and Lincoln's Washington DC, this tale will have readers wondering "what next?" throughout the entire book. Catherine has a knack at getting herself into all kinds of trouble, some of which she gets herself out of, some of which John has to intervene. Readers may have a problem with John using anger and manipulation as a prelude to sex. He has a right to be angry—he is a Civil War general—and distrusts women, but given his otherwise stellar moral code and gentlemanly actions, readers may find it too much. With his family fighting on both sides, but still loving and caring for each other, and several related subplots beautifully woven in, no emotional stone is left unturned in this romance. 


Julie York