Surrender the Storm (Surrender, #3)

St. Michel
Rebel Colonel Ryan Rourke isn’t the same man he was at the start of the war. He’s earned his reputation as the Gray Ghost, making many enemies in the north, but his first loyalty is to his men, so he has no qualms capturing a group of nuns with nursing experience and taking them to his camp to treat his soldiers. His attraction to the beautiful doctor, Grace Barrett, is an inconvenience he must fight since she’s a nun and unavailable. Grace is hiding her true identity in fear for her life, so being a captive in Ryan’s camp turns out to be the best place for her, even if her heart is in danger from the handsome colonel.
There is a lot going on in this book and readers who enjoy more adventure than romance in their stories are sure to be drawn in. The writing style employed here is unique, utilizing an abundance of flowery language which may appeal to some but makes some conversations seem incoherent and rambling. Grace’s petulant attitude can be off-putting and her reasoning nonsensical, her naiveté shining in many of her interactions with Ryan. The narrative becomes disjointed in some places, mired in the nuances of war, and the action scenes especially are difficult to follow and detract from the romance. The pattern of mortal danger, followed by separation of the main characters, followed by a dramatic reunion becomes a little predictable, and the high emotions make this a bit draining and even depressing at times, but it will still hold appeal for those who want to read something that is emotionally intense and heavy on action.
CW: attempted rape
Niki Price