Surrender to Honor

St. Michael

Rachel Pierce witnessed her father being murdered and became the infamous spy known as The Saint. She is the best and her enemies have no idea until she disappeared. When she meets Colonel Lucas Rourke, a civilian spy who has been captured, she feels something she never thought possible. They find themselves caught in a dangerous and lethal situation that could spell death for both of them. As they try to get to Union lines, their feelings begin to deepen and they discover that they need one another in so many ways. However, their passion could mean them having to give up everything including their deepening feelings. 

An exciting historical romance with characters thrust into a dangerous situation. The plot moves at a fast pace from the very beginning and continues until the end. The secondary characters are ones that some readers will love to hate. This is a spy novel set in historical times which is a concept not seen often. The sex scenes are passionate, honest and are hot, hot, hot. One negative is that the descriptions could have been more detailed to really get that pull into the scene. However, this is definitely a book to add to the e-reader with a fascinating storyline, a strong female character and a hero to swoon over. An author to look out for and go back and check out their other books. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick