Reviews - Historical

WESTERN/ACTION ADVENTURE:  Sixteen year-old Nel Higgins is the daughter of an abusive and demented Lutheran minister.

Beauty and the Beast

FAIRYTALE:  Once upon a time there was a cruel young Prince named Leopold.

Across the Red
Ken Famer,
Buck Stienke

Bodie is a Texas Ranger whose area is being plagued by a violent gang of rustlers who have no problems killing anyone in their way, including Bodie’s young apprentice.

VICTORIAN:  Judith’s sister has been carried off right in front of her, and the man who stayed behind isn’t saying much - only doing a search of every nook and cranny in her house.

Guinevere and Arthur each had other plans for their lives; one where their hearts belonged to others, but when Arthur unexpectedly finds himself High King of Britain he can’t afford a love match.