Sullivan’s Way (Way of Hearts Saga)


Love is challenging at the best of times, yet even more so when the lovers are both haunted by ghosts of their past. Marnie “Joe” Sullivan is the epitome of a southern lady, with a secret that makes her stronger than most believe. Mason Kane is every bit a soldier with a hardened heart, having seen what war does to the land and the people. Together they share a demon - a walking, talking, arrogant Confederate that would like nothing more than to wipe Marnie’s family from the annals of history. Talon Dougal is the same man who took something precious away from Kane leaving him with a streak of vengeance miles wide.


Marnie is "Green Eyes" to Mason, and the oil to his vinegar. Apart, they are a battleground; together, when allowed to blend fully, they are a blessed union. Billed as the first in a saga that will span the Sullivan family’s lives, it teases the reader with history but the back story is never truly defined and needed more attention. The romance is a beautiful play of an emotional cat and mouse chase, but the rest of the story lacks a cohesive time line, resulting in levels of confusion that need ironing out. The characters are the dynamic stars of the novel. They are a shining hope that the future tales will be more developed. The potential is there, it just needs a good spit polishing, like Mason’s boots. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto