A Suitable Affair


Lady Susanna Macalister is not at all what she seems.  Rich, titled and beautiful, she is the epitome of what a “proper” prospect for a wife should be.  But little does society know that Susanna is so very much more!  


Ian Carlisle also holds secrets, but covers them with charm as he quietly searches for redemption by working for the Crown to uncover his sister’s killer.  When he discovers that the man he holds responsible for her death has set his sights on Susanna, he knows he must stop at nothing to prevent another tragedy from happening.  The biggest challenge, however, will be for Ian to save his heart before he becomes the one to destroy Susanna’s.


What a fascinating mystery wrapped up in romance!  The author has written a fun, yet compelling story that is intriguing and will undoubtedly hold one’s attention until the villains are found and the mystery unraveled.  Oddly, it was the sex scenes that just didn’t seem to fit comfortably with the storyline unfolding.  With the majority of page space on the mystery, there wasn’t enough time spent on developing a believable passion to warrant the sudden scenes.  The ending was also a bit simplistic, especially since the rest of the riddle was so well developed.  Still, it is an enjoyable journey to guess and follow, as two very endearing characters uncover killers as well as love!


Ruth Lynn Ritter