The Substitute Wife (Brides of Little Creede Book 1)


WESTERN:  When her sister Jenny is dying, Retta promises her sister that she will travel across dangerous country to Harrison Carter, the man Jenny was supposed to marry. Jenny hopes that Harrison, who she remembers to be a kind-hearted man, will take Retta and her young daughter Adeline into his home and take care of them. Retta barely remembers Harrison… But when she finally arrives, she realizes the man before her is nothing like the man her sister once fell in love with. 

With the shared sorrows between them, Harrison and Retta, despite their distinct personalities, slowly grow closer together, and the attraction between them becomes undeniable. But can they let go of the past? 

“The Substitute Wife” has an unique, enthralling storyline. Retta is an amazing woman, strong, independent, intelligent and very brave—no matter what life throws at her, she just gets up and keeps on going. While Harrison seems tough at first, it becomes obvious soon enough that he has a good and kind heart, and he really wants the best for Retta and Addie.  The author does a great job describing the historical setting and the side characters in it as well. All of them come across as authentic and believable, given the setting. Readers who enjoy historical westerns with a slow-burn romance will love this book! 

Majanka Verstraete