Stuart (Bachelors and Babies, book 10)


WESTERN:  Colorado Territory, 1870. Stuart McGee is a bounty hunter finishing his last job. Now he can settle down on his ranch and maybe start a family. The last thing he expects is to find a murdered couple and their orphaned eighteen-month-old daughter at the scene of his last hunt. He claims his bounty and newly takes orphaned Addie along on the trek home to Broken Wheel. He hopes he can find some nice family interested in taking little Addie in. What he finds is lovely, jilted—and jailed—mail-order bride Georgina Potter. Could Georgina be an answer to his dilemma?  

This is an engaging story that will quickly draw the reader in. The action keeps coming page after page, right until the end. Georgina left Baltimore to escape her family, and the ex-fiancé who married her sister. Imagine poor Georgina’s horror when her sister wires that she is coming for a visit shortly after she and Stuart start making progress in their relationship! Stuart is a thoughtful and intelligent man that many a reader will want for a book boyfriend. A couple of technical issues worth mentioning — some modern words that did not exist in 1870, a few typos and grammatical errors— could pull readers from the story. Aside from those technical issues, Stuart and Georgina make a great couple, little Addie is precious, and the story is addicting!

Emerson Matthews